10 simple pleasures of a busy mumma

10 simple pleasures of a busy mumma | www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

As a working mum of two small children I relish any chance for ‘me time’ that I can grasp. In the days before I had kids I needed a two hour massage, an amazing weekend away, and/or an indulgent shopping spree to feel like I’d ‘spoilt’ myself. These days I find pleasure in much simpler things.


Relatively cheap, easily accessible and able to be consumed in the presence of small children. Winner. Also slightly eases the stresses of raising said small children.

Having a coffee by myself in a café

I take the kids to cafés quite often as they love the ritual of having a babycino and a little treat. However it’s certainly no treat for me, as I spend the whole time trying to stop them from opening up all the little packets of sugar, spilling their drinks or getting in the way of other customers. I generally get my coffee in a takeaway cup even if we’re planning on sitting in, because I know that at some point we’ll just have to leg it, and I don’t want to have to leave my lifeblood behind. The opportunity to sit in a café by myself and enjoy a hot cup of coffee doesn’t come around very often, but when it does I truly appreciate it.

Mumma's simple pleasures | coffee

Coffee soothes this savage beast

Going to the hairdresser

I used to dread going to the hairdresser – three hours of sitting still, with nothing to do, just inane hairdresser chit chat to listen to and trashy magazines to read. Now? OMG that is my idea of heaven! With a head massage!

A clean house

I hate house cleaning. I just really really hate it. I’m all over the cooking and I’m generally pretty on top of Mount Washmore, but all that other stuff just sucks arse as far as I’m concerned. So I have a cleaner who comes in once a fortnight and cleans my bathrooms, vacuums the whole house, mops the floors and wipes down all those sticky surfaces. I love the feeling of coming home to my freshly cleaned house (even though I know it’s only going to remain clean for approximately 17 minutes before one of the kids drops a cracker, steps on it, and leaves a fresh trail of crumbs in every room).

Mumma's simple pleasures | I cleaned the house today which was stupid because we still live here

Well… my cleaner cleaned the house…

Hiding in my pantry (biscuits optional)

You may have met my pantry before, it became a bit famous in my 10 time-saving dinner hacks post. It’s a walk in. It’s got a door. And a light. And room for a stool. The wifi connection is strong in there. I can sit on a stool in my pantry, eating biscuits that I’ve hidden from the kids (and husband), while still keeping an eye on them, reading blogs on my phone, and it feels like my little piece of heaven.


Blogging for me is a great release – I can write and rant about the crappy or frustrating day I’ve had with the kids, get it all out on the page, and then turn back to the kids and be full of love again. Once you write down a frustrating story and see the funny side of it, it’s really hard to feel cranky anymore.

Driving in the car by myself

It’s not often I’m in the car by myself – usually I’ve got the kids and/or Mr McD and we’re on the way to somewhere, for something, and we’re usually running late. But on those odd occasions when I’m in the car by myself I LOVE IT! I crank the stereo up, put my windows down and really go for it. I AM that crazy woman at the traffic lights, belting out Bon Jovi like it’s Friday night karaoke. I have no shame.

Mumma' simple pleasures | daggy 90's music

Pretty sure I was Madonna in an alternate universe

Listening to daggy awesome 90’s music

Speaking of Bon Jovi, nothing makes me feel more ‘me’ than some classic 90’s tunes. I love all the good stuff – not just Bon Jovi, but Guns & Roses, Aerosmith, Salt’n’Pepa, Mr Big, Take That, the Spice Girls, George Michael, the Beastie Boys, Naughty by Nature, Michael Jackson – my tastes are totally eclectic (as long as it’s from that decade). Volume essential.

Going to the gym

Before I had kids going to the gym was just something to get through, another chore, part of the body-upkeep side of things. Now it is an amazing escape where I can plug in to my awesome 90’s dance music (Madonna features heavily, also C+C Music Factory, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Black Box, Bel Biv Devoe… oh I could go on!), feel the burn and escape reality for an hour or so.

Mumma's simple pleasures | Fit woman lifting weights

Let’s get physical

Having a really long shower

I’d love to say having a long hot bath is one of my simple pleasures but the truth is I’ve had a total of TWO baths since I had my daughter 3.5 years ago. It just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Too many parts stick out of the water!

But a long hot shower, without little fingers scrambling around the bathroom door, or big blue eyes staring at me in wonder, or the hot water freaking out on me, is my definition of absolute bliss. Throw in some raspberry & vanilla scented body wash and a face mask and I’m as good as in my own personal day spa ;).

I did warn you up front, it doesn’t take much these days. It’s these simple pleasures that get me through the week.

What are your simple pleasures? How to you do ‘me time’?



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