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Hi, I’m Rachel, or Mumma McD as I’m known around here.

Welcome to Toilets aren’t for Turtles :).

Why ‘Toilets aren’t for Turtles’, you ask? Well the blog title was inspired by the time my sweet Little Miss decided to take her plastic turtle for a swim. In my toilet.

Faaark, nobody warned me that parenting would require a dedicated set of ‘toilet tongs’.

I’m mum to two gorgeous kiddies – a wickedly contrary Little Miss 4, and cheeky and cheerful Master 3, a.k.a. the Stuntman. His nickname is well-deserved and fairly self-explanatory I think. My husband and I are living the suburban dream in Sydney, Australia, with an actual white picket fence and neighbours who pop over to borrow sugar.

This life is a far cry from our pre-children existence, when we lived in a funky inner-city warehouse apartment, and went out to nightclubs and expensive restaurants and trendy bars after work. Gawd I miss it sometimes! But life now is pretty sweet.

This blog is all about trying to find the funny in the mundane, keeping the turtles out of my toilet, and dealing with the general absurdity of raising tiny humans.

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  • Ok, swap the red wine for white wine and I am totally your girl. I adore bad language (and use it far too often) have three kids way too close together in age and am only just sneaking out of the crazy toddler phase with my baby. Cant wait to scope out the whole blog. Bron x

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