Wolves and Poodles and Everything in Between

On the weekend the hilariously awesome Hugzilla shared an article from American comedian (I refuse to write comedienne) Jessi Klein, about how women generally fall into two groups – they’re either poodles or wolves. Poodles are those women who are effortlessly chic, and look amazing whether they’re rigged out for the Oscars or nipping to the local shop for a […]

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Things I’ve learnt since my preschooler’s tonsillectomy

My 4.5 year old Little Miss had her tonsils and adenoids removed last week, and we are right in the middle of the recovery period. Recovering from a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy is a bit shit, if I’m honest, with lots of tears (from all concerned) and not a great deal of sleep happening. But hey, what’s new huh? What’s a […]

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Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Ain't Nobody Got Time For That! www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

Maybe I’m a particularly shit mum, or maybe I’m just particularly shit at time management, but I seem to be constantly chasing my tail in this parenting caper. I’m running late ALL. THE. TIME. I routinely forget sunhats, spare pants and drink bottles. God, once I even forgot a child! (Don’t go calling DOCS just yet, I hadn’t even left […]

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Valentine’s Day – Before and After Kids

Valentine's Day - Before and After Kids | www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

ICYMI it’s Valentine’s Day this weekend. The day synonymous with love, romance and ridiculously overpriced flowers. The day all single people are supposed to dread (according to every Hollywood movie I’ve ever seen anyway), and the day that those of us in committed, loving relationships are showered with romantic gifts and whisked off on amazing adventures. Sound about right? Hmmm… […]

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