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Dairy free party food ideas | www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

One of the biggest issues for kids with food intolerances or allergies is going to other kids’ parties – the party food table is usually a minefield of danger, and they always miss out on the good stuff.

Now I know dairy free party food may not sound like everyone’s cup of tea, but believe me your guests won’t even know they’re missing anything.


Dairy free party food ideas


Chicken and vegie sausage rolls

Bake Play Smile Chicken and Vegie sausage rolls

Yum yum yum. Chicken and vegie sausage rolls Image credit: Bake Play Smile

Lucy at Bake Play Smile posted this Chicken and Veg sausage rolls recipe recently and I’ve made them a few times. They are amazeballs! I just use a plain egg wash rather than milk at the end. And they have the added bonus of hidden veg (yes, I know it’s a party, but a few vegies won’t hurt anyone!).

Teriyaki Chicken drumsticks (soy-free)

Teriyaki chicken drumsticks

Soy-free Teriyaki Chicken drumsticks
Image credit: Paleo Newbie

Teriyaki marinated chicken legs are a bit of a signature dish of mine. I used to do them in a honey soy marinade, but since the Stuntman was diagnosed as intolerant to soy I’ve started using this Coconut Aminos Seasoning and honey recipe. Finding the right dish to cook them in is the key – you want a baking dish that’s going to be able to handle a sticky marinade without it getting stuck to the bottom!

Sausages and lamb cutlets

We get most of our meat from Aldi and it’s brilliant. Great prices, the meat is all from Australian farmers, and most is gluten free and free from soy protein (a lot of other commercial sausages have soy protein added). You really can’t go wrong with some snags and ‘lamb lollipops’ thrown on the BBQ to get a party started.

Beef sliders

Tiny little homemade beef mince patties in dinner rolls, with dairy free Bio Life cheese, tomato and lettuce. I use this Jamie Oliver recipe for the patties, minus the parmesan cheese. You could add some grilled prosciutto for the adult guests.

Beef sliders

Beef sliders

Coleslaw with homemade mayo

Thinly sliced red cabbage, white cabbage, carrot, celery and spring onions, mixed through with homemade mayo.


You don’t have to make everything from scratch to make sure it’s dairy free, there are plenty of shop-bought nibbles available that are dairy free. Flavoured crisps and crackers often contain milk solids, so stick to plain to be on the safe side.

White bowls of vegetable sticks

Veg sticks – perfect for dipping


Bliss balls

Bliss balls are so quick and easy, and really delicious. Kids love them and they are free from refined sugar so won’t send them too loopy.

Homemade dairy free Kingstons

LEDA Golden Crunch biscuits with chococado mousse (avocado-chocolate mousse). Somehow when you smear a bit of chococado mousse between two of these LEDA biscuits it turns into a pretty good replica of a Kingston. I created these by accident, and what a happy accident that was!

LEDA Golden Crunch biscuits

LEDA Golden Crunch biscuits


I use this basic cupcake recipe from Taste, and just replace the butter with Nuttelex and the cow’s milk with oat milk, keeping the same quantities. Ice with dairy free chocolate ganache, and/or dairy free buttercream icing using Nuttelex instead of butter and oat, almond or rice milk instead of cow’s milk.

Chocolate cupcakes

No party is complete without cupcakes!


Shop bought Oreos contain soy lecithin, but no dairy (and are freaking delicious).

Salted caramel choc cups

This Quirky Cooking recipe for salted caramel chocolates is the bomb. Full stop.

Mini meringues

Meringue is dairy free so is a great dessert option for dairy free party food. Served with homemade coconut yoghurt and fresh fruit, these can be customised to suit individual tastes (have some pure cream on hand for those non-non-dairy guests!). I use this Thermomix recipe for meringue and make it in Boris the Bellini. Just make sure your bowl is really clean (clean with vinegar first) and completely dry.

Shop-bought sweets

If you stay away from the chocolate aisle, most supermarket sweets are actually dairy free. Things like jelly sweets / snakes, marshmallows, minties and jubes are all dairy free.

Fresh Fruit

Easy to handle fruit like slices of watermelon, cut apple, grapes and strawberries are all great dairy free party foods.

Dairy free Birthday Cake

And then of course there’s the cake! Depending on your birthday boy or girl’s preferences, there are lots of dairy free cake recipes to try out.

Cut birthday cake

Dairy free birthday cake

A few of our favourites include:

When it comes to the all-important icing, shop-bought fondant icing is generally dairy free, and it’s totally possible to make a decent buttercream frosting using Nuttelex in place of butter. Experiment and have a few practice goes before the big event, so you know what to expect from your substituted ingredients. And most of all – ENJOY!


Party time!

Do you have any dairy free party food recipes to share?




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