Everything but the kitchen sink: time to pack!

Packing to move house

* This post is brought to you in collaboration with Hire a Packer.

Well I’m sad to say that my prediction from this earlier post has come true, and we’re now packing to move house. Again. Bloody renting! Fortunately, our landlord gave us plenty of notice, and we’ve already managed to secure a new house to rent, with minimal fuss or stress.

In fact, my stress levels had been kept at a relatively low level up until the point where I walked in to our garage and realised just how much STUFF we had managed to accumulate. WHERE DOES IT ALL COME FROM? It’s a freaking mystery. Do retail fairies sneak into the house at night and leave piles of freshly bought things? Does my husband have a secret shopping addiction I’m not aware of? Have the kids been on the iPad with my credit card?!?

Cluttered garage - packing to move houseWhatever the reason, the fact is we’ve got far more – of everything – than we’ll ever need.

Lose the crap

So, my first step in the packing to move house preparation process is to CULL. I’ve been ruthless so far – if we haven’t used it in two years, it’s either going on Gumtree, or it’s being chucked in the council pick-up pile. Mr McD and the kids have been chasing me around the house trying to reclaim ‘treasured’ possessions (that they’d forgotten all about), but I’ve held my line. There is NO POINT dragging useless, unused stuff from house to house, and I refuse to fill our new house with piles of old tatt.

We still have three weeks to go until moving day, but we’ve already started packing some boxes – the ‘good’ crockery and fancy glasses we rarely use have been boxed up, and books and photos are slowly making their way into temporary cardboard homes.

Wine glasses - packing to move house

Get it done

I plan to allocate part of each day to packing to move house, so we should be able to knock it all over without too much of a panic. If you don’t have the time, the physical capability, or the inclination (and let’s face it – who does!), Hire a Packer will send a couple of lovely ladies over to do it all for you. They can either just box up certain rooms (i.e. the kitchen), or they can do the whole lot. They can even unpack at the other end! Personally, I don’t mind the unpacking bit. It feels a bit exciting – finding new places for everything, imagining how your new life is going to pan out in your new home…

So that’s where we’re at right now, and why things have been a little quiet on the blog of late. Once we move and settle in I’ll get back into some kind of blogging routine, promise!

What’s your best tip for packing to move house?


  • Ugh. I hate packing. Such a lot of work.
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  • Moving house – I shudder at the thought of it. We have so much stuff, not to mention all of Handy Hubby’s tools and accessories (I think he has more toys than the kids). If we were ever to move, I’d be booking a service like Hire a Packer straight away. Although like you, unpacking and finding new spaces for every thing is a little bit exciting. I’d just have to make sure that I’d have the time to do that bit by myself. I can only imagine my little “helpers” wanting to put stuff away (that I’d never find again!).

  • We went through a stage when we moved around a lot – after the first time of hiring packers to do the pack for us, we never looked back and I will NEVER pack my own boxes again! It is soooooo worth the extra $$.

  • The move from the Sydney house where we sold…was the one where I culled, sold and gave away more than any other time. However, it probably started a year or so before we actually put the house on the market. Clear Plastic Boxes on wheels were/are my best friend in keeping items as they can have items in them that can be seen and texta applied for contents. The Salvos came for large furniture items we would no longer need as a retired 2 person family…(mind you, they are fussy, and will refuse stuff if they don’t think it will fit their needs or too heavy to lift!!). I sold/gave away many of my school/teaching resources. I packed up small mementoes in boxes (including Christmas decorations) for each of 8 grandchildren so their toys/items of sentimentality went home with them. I did a LOT…now I recall! However, when we finally got to the rental place on the Central Coast, a lot of it remained packed because we were in temp digs. I found it hard not to have access to some of my stuff. We chose to move again (hated the packing but loved getting out of that house) and we are almost at the one year mark of being in a home (rental) that is like our Sydney place and I have unpacked much more so it is home-like. Last move we had terrific guys and whilst I did the packing and unpacking, the boxes were in excellent new condition and were free as part of the cost. I hope that the next time we move, it will be into a home we are buying…and that the owners here do not want to sell. Good luck R!
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  • These packing ladies sound great. I bet they would do an awesome job too. We went through a phase of moving every year or so. Total nightmare. Then we moved a whole heap of stuff into storage in between moves and lost it all during the floods! One way to clean it out I guess 🙁

  • Hugzilla

    So glad to hear that you guys have found a place and will be settled in before the Christmas craziness sets in. Bloody hell I hate packing though – I don’t envy you that mammoth task. That is definitely one thing best outsourced!

  • I hate moving – it sucks balls! My best moving tip is delegate as much as you can afford/as is possible! The best move we ever did was from London to Sydney and that’s because everything was packed for us. Yay for packers!

  • I loathe moving, I love the sound of these packing ladies!!!

  • I hate moving!! Though with someone to pack for me, I would be happy to try it again. Good luck for your move, I wish you a far move successful one than we have had xx

  • Oh golly, I feel your pain. Moving is such a monumental nightmare!!!!! On a happier note, I really recommend Marie Kondo’s book ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’. Loads of people were telling me about it and I eventually bought it. It’s honestly such a great read, with really practical tips. Good luck with the move, at least you’ll be all settled by Christmas. (p.s. can’t believe I’m already talking about Christmas, aren’t we still in April?)
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    • Naomi

      I was going to say Kondo. I only got as far as the books and clothes. Keep meaning to do it all, but it’s great. I do now fold EVERYTHING!
      Our tenancy is up next June, hoping for a renewel. It does suck.

  • Best way to pack a house is to get someone else to do it. LOL. I hate it but it usually means I get to do a spring clean and clear a lot of irrelevant stuff out of my life.
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  • I don’t envy you. We’ve moved 23 times. We were in our last house for the longest time and I couldn’t believe how much we had accumulated. We had a huge cull before the big move from Sydney to Perth and I think we all turned into hoarders as a result.

    We are currently in temporary accommodation, waiting for our NSW house to sell, so we can finally purchase over here in Perth, now that hubby’s job is permanent. I can’t wait to be in our forever home and never move again. Hubby keeps saying ‘never say never’.

    Good luck with the move.

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