This one time, at blog camp… + #PBEvent LinkUp

This one time, at blog camp...

I’ve just crashed back down to reality after an awesome weekend away at the annual Problogger conference, the largest blogging event in Australia. The weekend saw hundreds of bloggers converge on the Gold Coast to network, learn, engage and connect with other bloggers, as well as with brands and a handful of minor celebrities of the blogosphere (yes, that’s an actual place – you’re in it right now).

It was a full on weekend with lots of workshops, some great sessions and shit loads of booze, but, despite having an amazing time, I wasn’t sure I’d actually learnt a great deal.

I’d spent about $1,000 going to Problogger, with the express purpose of reigniting my blogging mojo and kick-starting some kind of blog strategy – holy fuck, did I just blow a grand on a super-fun-but-overall-pointless boozy girls’ weekend away?

But as I sat down to write this post I realised that, actually, I learnt something very important.

You know what it was?

Wait for it…

It’s OK.


All of it.

Whatever you want to do, it’s OK. Whatever I want to do, it’s OK.

You want to blog about 10 different, totally unrelated topics? Well good for you, you’re probably a ‘multipotentialite’ (it’s a thing – look it up).

Got a very focused blog about one specific topic? Cool choice bro, there are loads of niche groups you can fit into.

Blogging five times a week? You’re a blogging machine, check you out!

Only managing to blog once a month? Go you! You’re writing – that’s awesome!

Keen to make some moolah from your blog? Don’t feel guilty about it, there are thousands of people who do it. Get in there. Own it.

Don’t want to make any money from your blog? Well, that’s perfectly fine too, and very easy to achieve.

Whatever you want to do with your blog, it’s OK. Your blog is yours. That’s the whole fucking point. So your goals can be whatever you want them to be, whether it’s to earn a million dollars or simply connect with some like-minded people without ever having to put on pants (‘ever’ might be a stretch. Pants are definitely required sometimes).

Fuck, you don’t even need to have goals really. Just blog for bloggings’ sake. Or don’t. Whatever – it’s OK.

When people get bogged down in ‘the rules’ of blogging, that’s when they can lose their love of it, or even give it away altogether. That’s where I’ve been for the past few months – kind of unsure why I’m blogging, who I’m blogging for, or what I want to get out of blogging.

But you know what? IT’S OK! I’m OK. You’re OK too.

Blogging isn’t just about writing, it’s about community and connections, about sharing a little piece of your soul, about putting yourself out there and making yourself vulnerable (even if only a tiny bit).

It’s pretty fucking awesome.

I love writing, but I really love blogging.

And if that’s all that Problogger taught me this year, then I’m happy.

But here are a few other useful things I learnt this weekend anyway:

  • Pineapples do not belong in bathroom floral arrangements
  • It is possible to get lost on a golf course
  • A bunch of 30-something-year-old bloggers can sound (and act) remarkably like a bunch of teenage school girls
  • I can no longer sleep in past 6am, even in a quiet and dark hotel room
  • Hash browns are awesome
  • Hangovers are not
  • I’ve found my people.

L – R: Hugzilla, Amy from Handbag Mafia, me, Em Hawker blog, Peachy Keen Jess, Rach from Parenting Central and Carly from Holistic Life.



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