How parenting is like Orange is the New Black

It’s back bitches! Who’s excited about Season 4 of Orange is the New Black? Me me me!!

Normally Mr McD and I would have binge-watched the entire season over two or three nights, but this time its release coincided with us being totally body-slammed by jetlag, so we’re only a few episodes in. I plan to get through it all this weekend though!

I love everything about OITNB. The raw characters, the crazy storylines. The creative cursing. The shock value. Everyone is slightly (some more than slightly) flawed (let’s face it, some are bat-shit-crazy) but they’re all authentic and real in the way they show their emotions – from love to hate and everything in between.

A bit like family really. Well, my family anyway. Watching OITNB feels vaguely familiar to me… Does anyone else feel like parenting is a bit like Orange is the New Black?

How parenting is like Orange is the New Black


You’ll never go to the toilet alone again.


It’s unclear who is actually in charge.


You’re surrounded by people, but can feel lonely as hell.


You will be asked to do ridiculous things every day.


It’s a good idea to wear some kind of protective clothing. Because…


Bodily fluids. Bodily fluids everywhere.


You go to bed knowing you’ll probably have an uninvited visitor crawl into bed with you through the night.


Coffee is a food group.


There will be crying. Lots of crying.


You never get to choose what to watch on television.


You’ll do anything for some peace and quiet.


A lot of the time it sucks but there are also moments of pure joy and connection.


Are you an OITNB fan? Have you finished season 4 yet?Β  NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!

Who is your favourite character?


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