Some days I just suck at parenting

Some days I just suck at parenting |

Today was not a good day.

Most days I feel like I’m an OK parent. I know stuff. I read stuff. I know my BLW from my CIO. I’ve BTDT. I’m across most of the parenting trends. But some days I just suck at the whole parenting thing.

Today was not my finest parenting day, and it started pretty much from the moment we woke up.


Let them have crackers for breakfast

My two year old is not a big breakfast eater. He has a breastfeed when he wakes up, then some oat milk shortly after that, so it’s no wonder he’s not really hungry until morning tea time. Every morning I try to cajole him into eating something healthy and nutritious for breakfast, generally to no avail. This morning I just gave in and gave him what he asked for – a handful of plain crackers.

Plain crackers | Some days I just suck at parenting |

Had the TV on all day

Yes, I know I should be limiting screen-time. I know that watching too much TV can be damaging to little brains, but blah blah blah ABC Kids.

Kid watching tv up close | Some days I just suck at parenting |

Let them fight it out

Usually I’ll try and referee their arguments, and make sure it’s at least an even fight. Little Miss, at almost four, is quite a lot bigger than her little bro. But today I just let them go for it and figure it out themselves. And guess what? The little dude came out on top more often than not.

Let my son run around naked all day

We’re toilet training at the moment and rather than do 17 loads of washing every day, I’ve just been letting the little guy run around with no pants on. Much easier for all concerned. But perhaps I should’ve stopped him from answering the door. Poor postman.

Didn’t get them dressed

So, while the little dude was running around naked all morning, Little Miss was still in her pj’s. As was I. We weren’t going anywhere, what’s the point of getting dressed?

Forgot the sunscreen

The one time we actually did leave the house, I forgot the bloody sunscreen. And the hats. And the water bottles. On a 28 degree day. I was killing it at parenting today.

Forgot the sunscreen | Some days I just suck at parenting |

Not a single vegetable passed their lips

Most days I try, I really do try, to get them to eat some vegetables. Whether it’s carrot sticks or corn on the cob, or grated bits of zucchini hidden in muffins, or a ‘superhero’ green smoothie. Usually they get their required servings whether they know it or not. But today it was carbs, carbs and a tiny bit of protein, and that was it. Oh, and grapes! Grapes count for something don’t they?

White bowls of vegetable sticks | Some days I just suck at parenting |

Completely lost my shit

Today I had no patience. Absolutely zero. I lost my shit at the slightest provocation. A shoe thrown across the room resulted in me throwing a tantrum worthy of my toddler. Peanut butter toast smeared across the lounge room wall had me stomping my feet and swearing like a sailor. Little Miss looked at me at one point and said, pointedly, “Chill out mum”


Some days I just suck at parenting |

Wine o’clock started at 5 o’clock

Usually I wait until the kids have had their dinner, baths and are chilling out on the sofa with their milk before I pour myself a glass of ‘mummy’s juice’, but today I only made it to 5pm. Everyone was much happier after mummy had her medicine.



Breakfast for dinner

Carrying on from my stellar culinary offerings, tonight’s dinner consisted of a vegemite sandwich for one, and a bowl of porridge for the other. They both ate. I’m calling this a win.

Didn’t brush their teeth

I was battle weary by bed time and just could not be arsed going to war again in order to get their teeth brushed. I’ll do it tomorrow, I promise.

Didn't brush their teeth | Some days I just suck at parenting |

Faked a bedtime story

It was my turn to take the Stuntman to bed tonight, and I took advantage of his two-year-old-ness by skipping pages, condensing chapters and fast-forwarding to the end. He looked a bit ripped off when I cheerfully announced it was bedtime, but he wasn’t sure what had just happened, so didn’t know if he could rightfully protest.

Anyway, I think he was happy to say goodnight to his grumpy-arse mum in the hope that he’ll wake up to a better version tomorrow.


How was your day? Do you suck at parenting some days too?



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