Dairy free calcium rich foods

Dairy free calcium sources

If you or your children are following a dairy free diet, you may be concerned about ensuring adequate calcium intake. Calcium is one of the most abundant minerals in our bodies, and while it is most commonly thought of in terms of bones and teeth, it is also important for muscle development, stable blood pressure and healthy skin. The myth […]

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How to go dairy free while breastfeeding

How to go dairy free while breastfeeding | www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

When the Stuntman was born it didn’t take me long to realise that something wasn’t quite right with him. He was feeding every 1.5 hours around the clock, projectile vomiting after almost every feed, and screaming in pain a lot of the time. He slept fitfully and couldn’t seem to settle into a deep relaxed sleep. His nappy situation was […]

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Ready for a Low Sugar Lifestyle? + *GIVEAWAY*

chocolate brownies in a row

If you’ve visited this blog before, you’ll know I’ve been trialling a new way of getting my kids to develop a healthy relationship with food, based on the Division of Responsibility infant feeding theory. Ooh, that sounds pretty heavy doesn’t it!! It’s not really that difficult – what we’re doing is trying out something called Family Style Service, which is […]

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How to have a Dairy Free Easter

a selection of dairy free Easter eggs

Dairy Free Easter eggs N.B. This is not a sponsored post, I’m simply sharing some products I’ve found in the hope that it helps you to enjoy your dairy-free Easter too. Easter can be a really crappy time if you’re intolerant or allergic to dairy. Milk chocolate eggs are everywhere, and you can’t go more than a few steps without […]

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Dairy free, soy free – our CMPI story

I have lots of conversations with girlfriends about whether or not we’re ‘finished’ having babies. While most of my friends have two kids, a few have three, and one very dear friend who went for number three, ended up with three and four. You know who you are my love 😉 I always thought I’d like to have three kids […]

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