Flying with an 18 month old AKA the Flight from Hell

The one and only cute moment of our journey So I don’t know if I jinxed myself by being so worried about flying with my toddlers, or if it was just always destined to be an horrendous experience. As it turns out, I was completely justified in my pre-flight concern because the entire journey was a freaking NIGHTMARE! My first […]

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The Curse of the Upper Lip Tie

The Curse of the Upper Lip Tip |

While I’d heard of Tongue Ties before, I’d never heard of an Upper Lip Tie until it turned our lives upside down after the arrival of my second child. L-Plate Mum When Little Miss was born 3 years ago, she refused to take my breast for the first 24 hours, and I had to feed her my colostrum through a […]

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The week that was – the Stuntman’s first week at Kindy

It was ‘ back to school’ week for my littlies this week, with the Stuntman heading off to the same daycare as Little Miss for the first time. He’s been cared for by family members on a regular basis for most of last year while I worked, but he’s never gone to a big daycare centre before, so it’s been […]

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Dairy free, soy free – our CMPI story

I have lots of conversations with girlfriends about whether or not we’re ‘finished’ having babies. While most of my friends have two kids, a few have three, and one very dear friend who went for number three, ended up with three and four. You know who you are my love 😉 I always thought I’d like to have three kids […]

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