10 things I love about being a mum

10 things I love about being a mum | www.toiletsarentforturtles.com

I write a lot on this blog about the sucky parts of being a mum – the shit, the vomit, the tantrums and the soul-destroying frustration – so I thought it was high time I wrote about some of the totally awesome parts.

I love being a mum, I really do, despite what you might’ve read ;). My kids are my world, and they are my reason for getting up in the morning. Literally – the little buggers never let me sleep in! Sorry, one little whinge-joke slipped in, last one I promise.

These are 10 of my favourite things about being a mum.


Feeling your child’s warm, snuggly arms wrapped tightly around you, clinging for dear life, is the absolute best feeling in the world. You’re their rock, their safe place, their source of comfort and confidence, and a quick hug (or a long one) serves to recharge and reconnect, for both of you. Cuddles are my lifeblood, my oxygen, I need them to get through the day, and I know my kids do too.

Cute new words

The Stuntman is almost 22 months and is at that stage where he tries to copy everything anyone says. He’s a little parrot, and it’s so freaking cute it brings tears to my eyes. He tends to just copy a few words in each sentence he hears, so he’s like a little toddler interpreter, interrupting with his own version of what’s being said. His favourite word is still ‘No’, but he’s got some delicious new ones in there, like “bapple” (apple), “mypad” (iPad), “cuggle” (cuddle) and “nee naw” (fire truck). “Wuv you mumma” is by far my favourite. Although his version of Twinkle Twinkle is a close second.

Tiny fashionistas

Kids develop their own sense of style very early on, and can be pretty determined to follow their own style guide. Who am I to stand in their way? Little Miss is being a typical threenager at the moment and often insists on wearing a princess dress to the shops, sometimes with gumboots. The Stuntman has developed a bit of an Imelda Marcos obsession with shoes – his, hers, mine, daddy’s… any pair he can get his little feet into. Little Miss’ gumboots are a favourite, which causes some arguments when she’s already wearing them…He is also very attached to his bright yellow backpack at the moment, and must wear it at all times. Even in the car, or having breakfast.

Little Miss walking on a footpath

Little Miss runs her own fashion race


I love to sing, but before I had kids I would’ve felt a bit weird walking through the aisles of Coles singing a song (unless I was drunk of course). But with kids as sidekicks, sing-a-longs are totally acceptable in all sorts of places! Feel the need to bust out a few verses of your favourite tune? Just look at the kids while you’re doing it and you’ll totally get away with it. We got a little round of applause the other day for an impromptu performance of Rock a Bye Your Bear in a lift at Westfield, it was brilliant.

The giggles

There is nothing like the sound of a kid giggling uncontrollably. Both my kids are prone to fits of the giggles, the Stuntman in particular is a very soft touch when it comes to giggling. Especially when I tickle him 😉

The freedom to be silly

Grownups can be boring, stuffy idiots a lot of the time. Why so serious? Life is meant to be FUN! Hanging out with little ones gives you the freedom to muck around and act like a loon, without worrying about who’s looking at you or judging you. Play dress ups, put on silly voices or do a crazy dance – whatever makes you (and the kids) happy!

Mum and kids on swing

Just hanging about with my favourite monkeys

Watching… in awe

Watching my kids learn a new skill, or master a new concept, is totally awe inspiring. Seeing their little brains tick over, and go from confusion to frustration to understanding to finally grasping it – and seeing this happen several times a day – is awesome. And exhausting (for them, not me, I’m just watching).

The incredible sense of pride

Riding sidecar to the awe, is the astonishment and shock that these two little creatures are on this Earth because of me. And Mr McD of course. We made them. They are a part of us, and we of them. It’s one of those thoughts that doesn’t stay in my head for too long, it’s just too enormous to fathom.

Seeing the beauty in the everyday

There’s nothing quite like going on a walk with a couple of toddlers. Every fallen leaf is a thing of beauty, every found snail, or caterpillar, or beetle, needs to be rescued. We come home with pockets full of ‘treasure’ from our adventures, and then draw pictures and make up stories about what we’ve seen. Their appreciation of nature is amazing – Little Miss actually apologised to a tree the other day for stepping on its roots. Gorgeous.

Kids sitting on a bench under apple trees

Nothing beats eating an apple straight off the tree


And I don’t just mean once they’re asleep! At the moment we’ve got a really lovely bedtime routine going on, so bedtime has become a favourite time of the day. Mr McD takes the Stuntman to bed, and they have a few raucous stories, songs and silly games, and I take Little Miss and we have quiet stories (at least three – she’ll usually negotiate for four) – and snuggles in her bed. They’ve been some (a lot) of periods over the last few years when bedtime has been a battle ground, but for the moment, we’ve got it sorted, and it’s blissful. And of course, once they’re in bed, then they’re in bed, so it’s a win win this one.

What do you love about being a parent?

Are you still in shock that you created new humans???



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